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Swing E&WCS Carolina shag


Last updated January 2 2014
Links checked January 2 2014

Ive a lot of swing links in my dace bookmarks I want feature a very few

West Coast Swing

I like this WCS tutorial the best!  But it has tons of other swing on the site.
If you use Itunes and you should for free podcasts see/search for: Move of the Day its by Jon Bott

West Coast Swing videos ! Hundreds of them !  There are several Tutorails here.

 Carolina Shag

The Shag club I belong to!!  

Shag with Randy and Sue visit for Shag class and private lesson info
Best free videos I've found. You click on Tutorials
on the Shag
, click on a lesson a window will
launch ; select what part you want to view.

These are the best I've found on Youtube; some intermediate and advance stuff too.
YouTube - Learn to Dance the Beginning/Intermediate Shag - Ballroom Dancing  Basic and alternate basic that all but in detail.
YouTube - Learn How To Shag!      basic, female and male underarm turns, starter step ,and phoenix; taught  but quickly!
YouTube - Learn to Dance Carolina Shag Volume 1  basic, female & male underarm turns, the trail,another, starter step, pivot, plus pointers and tips section
YouTube - Learn to Shag Dance Lessons  basic in detail
YouTube - Learn Advanced Shag Dancing Lessons  boogie walk in detail
YouTube - How to Shag Tonight?    sound a little off. the "basics" but new steps; triple basic and funky apple jack   12 shag steps 30sec to minute or so videos!
YouTube - Tom Edwards & Marsha.Ruth's Shag LessonAVI  short but clear ant steps counted
YouTube - Craig & Heather Jennings, Shag Lesson.AVI  Pivot Variation and other steps lots oh lessons an demos here Basic Cha Cha Shag and Slip Pivot  about 16 short clips.  text with videos mixed in        Step Charts all text.

Here are some short youtube clips most less than a Minute but count as they ARE being taugj.
Shag Brushes Step
Shag Brush Step
Shag Charm
Shag Closed Slide
Shag Open Slide
Shag Closed Atlanta Hesitation
Shag Triple Lean
Shag Turn In Pivot 2
Shag ElvisWrap
Shag The Arch

Here are some short youtube clips most less than a Minute
Basic - YouTube
Female Underarm - YouTube
Female Underarm to Closed Position - YouTube
Male Overarm - YouTube
Male Underarm - YouTube
Start - YouTube
Triple Basic - YouTube
Lean.3g2 - YouTube
Pivot - YouTube
Barrel Roll - YouTube
Barrel Turn - YouTube
Double Back Whip - YouTube

Applejack - YouTube
Funky Applejack - YouTube
Funky Apple Plus.3g2 - YouTube
funky apple plus rev 1.3g2 - YouTube

Push Belly.3g2 - YouTube
bow and arrow.3g2 - YouTube
jim.3g2 - YouTube
hip.3g2 - YouTube
Wrap - YouTube

Belly Roll - YouTube
Belly Roll with Back & Forth - YouTube
Belly Roll with Slide - YouTube
Belly Roll with Slide 2.3g2 - YouTube
Belly Roll with Female Turn - YouTube

Sugarfoot - YouTube
Little Sugar - YouTube
Boogie Walk - YouTube
Wrap with Boogie Walk - YouTube
Right Hand Pull Through to a Chase - YouTube
Right Hand Pitch Out to a Chase - YouTube

This is a site you can buy some shag videos, see "how to shag toniight" above for a sample of there teaching style,
 Ive seen other videos by them and the are very good.
also the HHI shag club passed out a hand out with this link on it
Charlie and Jackie Productions