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nj area dance instructors

last updated November 19 2011
Links on page checked on Jan 24 2012,

This  area will be for those instructors that Ive had personal experience with!

Candace Woodward-Clough
 My dance instructor! , patient , knowledgeable reasonable priced, does do some of the pre dance classes at CJDS.
Cliff Marino
  I took two 6 week classes sponsored by CJDS , wcs and hustle good teaching style, also demoed move with and with out partner.
4/11/11 Cliff suddenly passed , he will be missed!

American Ballroom Company 
MARK SCHAUB  Ive been to several of his weekly dance parties, His teaching, style was fine but some moves were in a different style than Ive seen.

Top Hat Dance Studio of Philadelphia
Jameson Kilburn had a CJDS pre dance lesson from him . it was good.  What I loved was he explained why he was
doing moves in a certain way.

Michael Graham  Argentine Tango.
 I taken beginner lesson in 1 and 1 1/2 hour session before, didn't get much out
of them. The last was 1 hour of getting walking and hold EXACTLY right an 1/2
hour of some other stuff.  This time it is better. I like the fact that Michel gives plenty
of tips mostly  from personal experience. For example when he start a dance he offers
his left and waits until she takes the type of "embrace" she wants!
Carol Fraser
Ive taken at least two lindy hop classes but never really got it. Carol not only
start with the basic rhythm but broke it down step by stem. start with a rock step then
adding a triple step then the wakl walk and final triple. Carol   also increase the routine one "move"  at a time by adding the just learned pattern/move . This time I learned the Lindy hop.