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This page will be for thing like dance articles dance scene news and other stuff that fit no where else.

Last update June 24 2012
Links checked  April 4 2012

Dancing with Rene Z
  See Dance Article and dance tips and other general info.  Some funny cartoons and jokes too.

How To Feel Up Your Dance Partner
well there is a disclaimer but really nothing more the PG here. Some of this are very funny,
some not so much and Ive got comment that some actually happen!

Kenny & Tiff - Inappropriate Swing Dance Moves
No quiet as funny as "how to feel up your dance but close.

How To Win Ballroom Comps
Probably very funny for those that complete

GlobalDance - Broadcasting live dance events to the world ::
Ive not try the pay subscription stuff but watch the free daily playlist. It has great half hour lessons and hour and halh hour event videos!
I recommend it, especially if you want to follow dance events Now plays on my linux system now that they use flash!  Passion 4 Dancing
Offers online dance lessons, Articles and Tips and Forums.
Things you would not think of like buying new dance shoes or find the  beat.
Very nicely done.

Elements of Dance Etiquette 
Really good.
Thoughts, philosophies and musings on social dance "Sketchy guys" is sort of dance etiquette - dance  some dance notation

Leadership and Followership: What Tango Teaches Us About These Roles in Life - YouTube Very
applicable to all partner dances.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Ballroom Dancing: What Ballroom Dance Levels Mean |
Dance levels  dance related information, articles.

Dancing magazine online - an articles on latest dancesport events and dance topics, news and updates, dance tips, routines, links, classifieds, emails, etc...

Dancing Through the Recession  Blog with good info

Jennifer Dances  another blog, I just seam to agree with most this she says, here and on dance forms

Dance Help: Dance Tips, Articles and Dance Resources A bit ballet oriented but lots of info for any dancer.

How an Untrendy Partner Dance Made Me Less of a Jerk - Index  A dance forum; Ive not used it much yet  Beyond Dance Etiquette: Success and Enjoyment in Social Dancing  no longer actively maintained but some great articles, like
the one immediately above  See the interesting Dance Etiquette section, interesting because gives it per venue!  Part of a dance book see the nice  Dance Etiquette chapter

     Dance Organizations

From partner dance online  :

USA Dance -

National Dance Council of America (NDCA) -

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) -

International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) -

International DanceSport Association (IDSA) -

International Dance Union (IDU) -

World Dance Council Amateur League (WDCAL) -

Canadian Amateur DanceSport Association -

Canadian DanceSport Federation -

DanceSport Australia -

Wheelchair DanceSport USA -

LAST but Best
:  Dance Forums a great place to talk about dance! I'm there several time a day!