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Dance sites that have many dance tutorials

Last updated  April 2 2012
Links cheched April2 2012

Learn the Dances

Dance Steps

Dance Terms, Definitions and Positions

Dance Steps - Text descritions of many.

Utah Rhythm And Dance under step lists

Dancing for Life - Ballroom Basics   Text and Step charts 

All text I think

Fatcat Ballroom Dance  I like this site for quick review of dances

Free youtube dance leasson by Michael Thomas His videos are WCS but he indexes many other videos on youtube 
  Great page! Sets of videos for many dances; even split into newcomer bronze and silver !    U of Michigan  dance club.  There are two great pfd here but they are hard to find! From this page do a google site search on pdf. the two you really want are:

Ballroom Dance For Beginners -American Smooth


Ballroom Dancing For Beginners- International Standard

note the above links might not work so use the site search method . There are other good pdfs to be found too!