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Dance Movies

Link on page checked on Jan 24 2012,

Dance with Me

  Dance school to competition   not bad .

Strictly Ballroom 

   A little off the wall weird.   Dance school to competition  

Shall We Dance

 one of the ones everyone knows  but except for the Tango scene not a lot of great
  dance scene ;   Dance school to competition  

Shall We Dance original Japanese version

   Better than the american one;  Dance school to competition  

The Tango Lesson

  Ive not seen except for  a few good scenes

Dirt Dancing

   Another one every one knows ; Mambo

Dirty Dancing:           Havana Nights

    the above set in pre Castro Cuba

Assassination Tango

    Weird plot hit man in buenos Aires ; lots of great dance scenes

Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School

     Dance school and what dance can mean good movie.

Love N Dance

      Dance school to competition LOL but lots of great west coast swing, I was interested
      to see WCS done to hip hop and rap besides the blues music! Great movie has it
      all,  good plot lots of good dancing and meaning/ character development. 

Most any Fred Astaire Movie

      You know I can remember one movie he actually does a ballroom dance , just
      a lot of ballroom step and movies
     here is one free online: