Partner Dancing

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No hip hop, ballet, line dance, those un-partnered 60+ dances. Also no, with no offense , Country western, contra , square dance except for country waltz variants . I have done some of  them just not for me.  This page updated July 16 2012, Site updated  August 8 2012. Links on this page  checked on March 24 2012,

Hilton Head Island Partner Dance Society   

This is a Great thread on Dance Forums:
What Made You Want To Dance?

See the below link for a great story about learning to dance!

Note:  Ehow:

 are great places to look for dance tutorials but youtube in
particular is hard to filter out what you want. So the below is an attempt to
do just that and pick ones that I THINK are well done or unique .

My dance bookmarks

The above  was easy than to do than the below but the below will be better anointed

My youtube playlist so you can follow what Im finding there.

nj area dance instructors   Instructors I've take lesson with.

Dance Movies   Movies Ive seen with my comments

General Dance info and articles

nj area dance instructors

booking agents; Princeton Music Connection
Wendy is also a dancer and she booked the band for my wedding

The Dances

While you can watch online videos here , I would download them. Your offline viewer probable will give you better control and sometimes the videos (or the user account) disappear
from the web.

Dance sites that have many dance tutorials


Argentine Tango



night club two step


West coast swing and LOTS of Shag links