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Maickel van Bellegem

Born and raised near the border between the Netherlands and Belgium in rural, sometimes even idyllic settings. Trained as a goldsmith in Schoonhoven ((NL) and metals conservator in Amsterdam. Since 2005 living and working as a metals conservator in London yet still active as a goldsmith-artist.
Maickel designs and makes pieces of jewellery, silverware and sculptures which are highly personal. Jewellery   is often designed in collaboration with the future owner, sometimes using heirlooms to form a contemporary, 'new' piece. Although the natural world remains an important inspiration pieces often have a geometric shape or construction with dynamic line patterns. Although using traditional goldsmithing techniques many pieces are more than a combination of precious materials with a decorative function showing status and taste. The pieces of silverware and sculpture have layers of a story being told by the shape, textures and colours. Sometimes playful and jolly, at other times sad or sensitive.

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                                                              MJTMVB are my full initials and MvB are the initials which have been used in my official makers mark
                                                              Before I registered an official makers mark I also used the letters MJTM combined as a monogram to sign work.
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