Cold War

Monday, April 16
What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan?
HW: Read pp. 794 795
1. Identify how Germany became the focus in the Cold War
2. What were the four occupation zones of Germany?
3. Where was Berlin? Why would it become problematic?
4. What was purpose of the Berlin Airlift?
5. Identify the role NATO played in the Cold War.

6. What was the role of the Warsaw Pact?
7. How did the Cold War impact on militarism?
8. How did the balance of Power shift to a Balance of Terror?
9. How did this Cold War extend to propaganda?
10. What were four results the Cold War would have on global politics for the next 40 years? 

Tuesday, April 17
Aim: Why was the Cold War so expensive?

Wednesday, April 18 

HW: Regent's Review Books distributed in class
Read pp. 278-283
beginning on p280 - 283 (answer the questions on the side)

Aim: How did the Cold War become global?
Read pp. 283-286 (answer the questions on the side)

Aim: Case Studies of the Cold War
HW - Complete Worksheet
QUIZ on Cold War

HW: Case Study China
P. 225 - What role did Sun Yat Sen (Sun Yixian) play in the 1911 Revolution?
What were his 3 goals?
pp258 -
What problems did China face after WWI?
What issues divided the Communists and the Nationalists (Guomidang)?
Questions on the Side

Aim: Why was Mao Zedong's Communist Revolution successful? Why was it a failure?
HW: PP 298-299
1. Explain Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
2. Complete the 5 questions on the side - For the 5th find a political cartoon and print it out on China (Counts as 10 points on next quiz) - Explain the cartoon
Quiz on China on Tuesday

Aim: How did Mao Zedong change China?
HW: Read pp. 862-867
P. 867 - Complete 1-5 all parts
Read You are There on p866
Quiz on Communism (1911- 1975)

Aim: Aim: How did Deng Xiaoping change China?
Return and review quizzes

Aim: How did Deng Xiaoping change China?
Text book 868-872
  1. What four countries are referred to as the Asian Tigers? What do they share in common?
  2. Why has Taiwan been so successful?
  3. Why is Taiwan cautious in its relationship with China?
  4. Why has Hong Kong been so successful?
  5. Why was it under British control until 1997?
  6. Why is Hong Kong cautious about China?
  7. Why has Singapore been so successful?
  8. What problems does Singapore face?
  9. Why was Korea divided in 1945?
  10. Why did the Korean War occur?
  11. Why does the US still have troops along the 38th Parallel?
  12. Why is South Korea a super power?
  13. Why has North Korea failed?
  14. What issue divides the US and North Korea?
  15. Who is Kim Jong Il?

Aim: What problems does China face today?
Quiz on Four Modernizations, Hong Kong and the Tiananmen Square Uprising in 1989

Aim: Continued Why is China condemned for human rights issues today?
HW: Read text 873-877
1. Why was Vietnam divided in 1954? How did America's domino theory impact on elections in 54?
2. Why did the US get involved in Vietnam?
3. Why did we pull out of the Vietnam War?
4.Why did the communists win?
5. Describe the changes that took place in Vietnam after 1975.
6. How did the war in Vietnam impact on its neighbor Cambodia?
7. What was life like under Pol Pot?
8. How did the Reign of Terror end for Cambodia?
9. What problems did the Philippines face following independence in 1946?
10What problems faced Indonesia in the post WWII era?
11. Why is Mynamar aka Burma a center of conflict today?

Aim: What were the causes and results of the Korean, Vietnam and Cambodian Wars?