SantaPede Fail

One of my favorite daily reads - Hack a Day - has sponsored a contest called "Buy, Break, Build".  The idea is to take a common device, tear it apart, and make something new from it.  For the post-holiday season they chose those singing, dancing Santas with the challenge being to make a walking, crawling, or otherwise locomoting device.  This page is a log of my failure to do so!  (Click any image to see a larger size.)

First, here is the dancing santa before any work is done:

So then I started taking Santa apart, to see what I had to work with:

Ok, a naked Santa with a motor and some sort of mechanical movement...let's see what else...

Wire frame arms and molded hands, OK...

Some switches and a speaker driven by a "black blob" chip, plus battery holder!  Note the plastic hex nuts used to hold the legs on...

OK, here's what we have to work with!  Now there's a neat little gear box which drives this whole mess, maybe it can be used to make something interesting?

Cracked open the gear box and here's a lot of nice parts.

So I took the hex nuts from earlier and hot glued the gears into them to make an axle.  They were a perfect fit so it seemed like a good idea.  Then I drilled holes in the hex nuts to attach the wires glued into the hands.  In my twisted vision, santapede would crawl with these moving limbs.

The motor was mounted, hands glued, holes drilled, and...

Total FAIL!  There was not enough torque in the DC motor to turn the flailing hands.  I should have realized that there was a reason for the reduction gears!  Hands do not crawl, santa does not move, but lesson learned.