Nixie Punk Displays

This is just a quick posting to announce the completion of my animated Nixie Punk Display!  It has been in the works for a while, pretty much ever since I saw the letters and symbols of the Soviet IN-15A tubes.  Thanks to the (prototype) 1363 high voltage power supply from Taylor Electronics I finally built the first one.  Basically it displays the word "Punk" as shown here, then scrolls the letters, then flashes off and on twice before starting over.  Nothing earthshattering, but what else could we use hundreds of these tubes for?  Besides, I like to try to make unique things out of Nixies since everyone is making clocks.  Of course I like nixie clocks and I am working on some of my own, but I'm also trying to find other uses for these tubes...

So this first design (complete with studded leather trim) sold on ebay and is now in the collection of Stef P. in the Netherlands.  I will be posting more about the circuit, etc. soon as I hope to make more of them.  Until then, you can watch a short video of it in action on YouTube:

UPDATE (March 09):
  The 1363 power supply is now in production so I can build more of these devices.  Each one will be uniquely decorated and may have different electronic options as well.

In the meantime, (Dec. '08) I built a similar device as a birthday gift for my friend Max - the most punk rock girl I know.  The MiniPunk uses a single IN-15A mounted on a small AC/DC adapter ("wall wart") case.  The high voltage comes from half wave rectification of the 120vac with a 10k anode resistor to limit current.  The cathodes for the four letters are each connected to a push button which grounds the cathode when pressed.  So the display is completely manually controlled.  No room for chips and transistors and circuit boards inside!  As always, click on the images for a larger version: