Service and Community Building

My research and teaching forms the basis of my service to the wider community. I enjoy being part of the wider Charlottesville and Toledo communities. My goal in both teaching and service is to connect students with their communities and for students to learn from their neighbors and then apply their knowledge to help others in an informative and appropriate manner. 

I am or have been actively involved in the following: 

Recent Media Appearances 

  1. Recent Terror Attacks in Germany. 20 December 2016.
  2. Conklin and Company to discuss Trump's Foreign Policy. 13 November 2016. 
  3. Radio Appearance on the Scott Sands show to discuss Trump's Foreign Policy. 10 November 2016.
  4. Foreign Policy Expert: Not much could change under a Trump Presidency? 9 November 2016.
  5. Possible Implications from the Brussels Attack. 23 March 2016.
  6. Syria: What US involvement means for Americans. 17 February 2016.
  7. Terrorism in the US: What it is and how to prevent it. 17 February 2016.
  8. Poll: Americans support protecting certain religious liberties, 30 December 2015.
  9. Syra: US Involvement, what's next? 16 February 2016.
  10. Poll: Millennials support sending troops to fight ISIS, not fighting themselves, 15 December 2015. 
  11. Terrorism, ISIS, fears, stereotypes addressed Gathering follows earlier ‘teach-in’, 4 December 2015.
  12. UT News - Campus Symposium on ISIS, 4 December 2015.
  13. University of Toledo panel talks recent terrorism, 3 December 2015. 
  14. UT to hold symposium on world terrorism Thursday, 2 December 2015. 
  15. UT ‘teach-in’ tackles ISIS, refugee fears Resettling Syrians called an 18 to 24-month process, 20 November 2015. 
  16. UT Scholars Lead Teach-in on ISIS Paris Attacks, Syrian Refugees, 19 November 2015. 
  17. Syrian refugee security vetting process explained, 17 November 2015. 
  18. UT professor says France should continue to accept refugees, 16 November 2015.  

Recent Public Talks 

  1. Terrorism at Home and Abroad, American Legion Post 335, Toledo OH, 16 April 2016. 
  2. Terrorism at Home and Abroad, Way Public Library, Perrysburg, OH, 23 February 2016. 
  3. UT Symposium on Terrorism (organized and moderated), University of Toledo, 4 December 2015.  
  4. UT Law School Teach-in on Terrorism, University of Toledo School of Law, 19 November 2015. 
  5. Game of Thrones and International Relations, Way Public Library, Perrysburg, OH, 26 October 2015. 

Formal Service (part of my former position as Faculty in Residence at NCSU)

  1. CHASS Liaison to University Housing.
  2. Global Village Co-Leader for the annual Washington D.C. trip. 
  3. Human Rights Film Series creator and organizer for the Global Village along with bi-monthly programs for the Village.
  4. Co-Leader for the Global Village’s service learning requirement for 2014 – 2015, a program that I help initiate.

Professional Political Science Service

  1. I am a reviewer for a number of journals, including International Studies Quarterly and Journal of Human Rights.
  2. Chair, discussant, and panel organizer for the American Political Science Association, Academic Council of the United Nations, International Studies Association and Midwest Political Science Association. 

My two basset hounds have become local celebrities. 

Informal Service   
  1. Faculty sponsor for the Political Science Student Association.  
  2. Film Series creator and organizer for the Department of Political Science at the University of Toledo (2015-Present). 
    1. 50+ attendees per film! 
  3. Model United Nations at the University of Toledo and North Carolina State University. 
  4. North Carolina State’s Humanities Extension Program. This program “connects NC State public classrooms teachers with faculty from CHASS in order to share expertise to K-12 students.” 
  5. VA and NC Basset Hound Rescues. I have two basset hounds and I always do what I can to help the large rescue population in the region.
  6. Advising to a number of UVa and NCSU students who are interested in international law and human rights. I have an open door and open email policy for all students. If they need advice, I'm always happy to help! 
  7. CHASS Liaison to the North Carolina State Postdoctoral Association.
  8. When possible, hockey / goaltending or softball coach. 
  9. Talks about human rights and global events to the wider NCSU community. 

Joel Voss,
Jan 7, 2016, 1:16 PM