My research focuses on the intersection of human rights, global governance, and international law.

Dissertation: Panacea or False Hope? From the Commission on Human Rights to 
the United Nations Human Rights Council 

My dissertation assesses the structural impact of the transition from Commission to Council on voting outcomes. The project uses novel datasets and process tracing and finds that previous explanations of voting are secondary to the level of US engagement in the process. 

Committee Members: 
Michael J. Smith (Chair) - Department of Politics 
John Owen - Department of Politics 
John Setear - UVa School of Law 
Deena Hurwitz - UVa School of Law 

    In addition to the UN Human Rights Council,
    I am interested in the following:  
  1. Human rights (practice and advocacy, mixed methods; evaluation and implementation). 
  2. The UN and its role in the world.
  3. The Responsibility to Protect. 
  4. The role of norms in the international system.
  5. The interaction between science, technology, and human rights. 
  6. Political violence, terrorism, and human rights.
  7. International peace and conflict resolution.  

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