VPNC Widget

Unfortunately, there are some hard prerequisites needed to use the VPNC Widget:
  1. You have to hack our phone in a way that you (resp. the vpnc daemon started by the widget) gets root access including working Superuser app!
  2. The tun device driver available either directly within the kernel or as loadable module (the vpnc daemon establishes the vpn tunnel via /dev/tun or /dev/net/tun).
  3. optional: the "advanced routing" feature in the kernel. Without this, (after less than a mitnute till up to days, depending on the provider network) the kernel the vpnc connection will get lost due to DHCP reconnect.
If you have eg. a HTC Desire phone, you get all above by hacking your phone in principle as follows:
  1. You have to "root" your phone (eg. by unrevoke3)
  2. Then replace the orginal (HTC) Android firmware and Linux kernel image eg. by the LeeDroid "ROM"
    (Leedroid is a hack based on HTCs original firmware) or a CyanogenMod ROM
  3. Ev. you additionally have to update the baseband radio image that the ROM works correctly!!

Warning: You do this on your own risk: when hacking your phone you loose the phones guaranty! If you crash the bootloader by doing this, you are lost: the phone will definitely be broken!!

I warned you...

So first inform yourself carefully about what others did and their experiance by googling around...

Good luck and hopefully have fun...

Matthias Meier

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