Michael J. Danielson has 35 years of experience in building classical instruments. In addition to studying guitar making with one of the great American luthiers, Gregory Byers, he has dedicated a large part of his life to the study of acoustics and its applications to instrument building.
These instruments are in the hands of students and professionals in the northwest as well as Colorado and California.

Working with wood has been a hobby turned into a passion.  Fine woodworking skills and a keen eye plus the study of accoustics and sound production have given Danielson instruments a special place in music-making.

Michael played classical guitar for several years and currently plays cello with the Columbia Basin College Orchestra.

Repairs include rehairing bows, correcting curvature of the bow stick and other bow breakage problems.
Violin repairs include new bridge fittings, gluing edges, cracks, pegbox bushing, pegbox breakage, etc.

Michael J. Danielson has a PhD in physical chemistry and has researched fuel cells through Battelle Northwest (PNNL) for the Hanford Site in Richland, WA.