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The articles on this page are provided  courtesy of  each respective publication and are provided for reference.

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Here are a few testimonials from

fellow cartoonists, editors, and publishers:

Alan Gray - News Blaze Publications "Great cartoons" 
Editorial Staff - Populist Quarterly "Work is phenomenal"
Michael Pontacoloni - SPOON Magazine "Fantastic Visuals"
David Reddick - Award winning cartoonist "Editoons Rock!!!"
 Bill McClellan - St. Louis Post Dispatch "Good editorial cartoons"
M. Ranke-Cormier - Newropeans Magazine "Wow Great cartoons"
Stephan Pastis - Award Winning Cartoonist "Awesome Cartoons"
Nick  Anderson -  2005 Pulitzer Prize Editorial Cartoonist " Funny!"
Julia M. Gigliotti - Marketing Coordinator Universal Uclick -"Great toons."
 Steven Stwalley - I.C.C.  International Cartoonist Conspiracy "Fun comics"