Sermons Preached by Mark Bates at Village Seven Presbyterian Church

If you prefer to listen to a sermon rather than read it, please go to Village Seven's Sermon Audio site here. I will update this list as I have time.

This page only contains sermons. To read papers I have written, go here.

A couple of important notes:

1) These are working manuscripts, replete with typos, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. I am reluctant to post them on the web in this condition. However, some people have requested them. Following G. K. Chesterton's counsel, "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly," I have posted them, errors and all.

2) I try to footnote in my manuscripts, but I don't always. If you read an idea and it sounds particularly profound, I probably read or heard it somewhere else.

3) What I write and what I actually preach are not always the same. That is part of the dynamics of preaching.


Hope Has Its Reasons - Reasons for Believing the Resurrection is True

Easter 2008

Who Killed Jesus and Why? Palm Sunday, 2008

Living Proof - 1 Peter 3:13-17

JesusFamilyTomb - Sermon preached at UPC on 4/14/2007 in response to The Discovery Channel's program "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"

PowerPoint File for Jesus Family Tomb