Various Articles
Writings by Mark Bates, Pastor of Village Seven Presbyterian Church (PCA), Colorado Springs, Colorado

My Blog - A View from 6000 Feet

The Covenants- A brief explanation of Covenant Theology

The Kingdom- A brief explanation of the biblical vision for the redemption of all things

The Lord's Supper- A brief explanation of the Lord's Supper and how to benefit from it

Why Read the Old Testament

The Story of the Bible

Overview of the Old Testament

Defending the Helpless - A Call to compassion for the unborn

Infant Baptism - A brief explanation of why I believe Infant Baptism is biblical

Baptism by Sprinkling - A brief explanation of why I believe sprinkling is the biblical mode of baptism

Religion and Politics - Lengthy paper on Christian involvement in politics

Work Hard, Rest Easy - A Call to Celebrate the Sabbath