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Nuntar's ZBB meet pics (hosted by tatapyranga)

Hokulani's video of the 5 May 2007 meet

Pleasantville Effect gallery on Albino Blacksheep (no relation to me, I just think these are really cool)

LCC2 group pic. I'm towards the right, in the maroon shirt.
Here are the rest of the LCC2 pics.

Here is the new short-haired version of me! Photo credit to Space Dracula, who was in town for the LSA Institute. He caught me a bit off-guard, so I look a bit retarded, but meh.

A bunch of us on Halloween 2005. I'm the vampiroid at left.

Halloween 2006: Me as a flame. Sign reads "U R T3H SUXX0RZ LUS3R STFU N00B"

Same costume. The other side of the sign reads "GET YOUR ASBESTOS SUITS READY, N00Bs"

Some others in the Neighborhood, same day. Left to right: math wizard, randomness, white trash, "What are you carrying in that huge backpack, a dead body??", Archimedes, me.

Everyone can use a little more cow and fork in their lives.