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Who am I?

My real name is Kelly Drinkwater. (No, I'm not Native American. I'm half Chinese and half Caucasian.) I'm a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, but I'll be off to Boston soon.

I am a student, done with high school as of 30 May 2007 (woot!), and set to go to MIT in the fall. I plan to study either biology/medicine, or neuroscience/cognitive science/cognitive linguistics. Haven't decided yet.

In my spare time, apart from conlanging, I read extensively, make chainmaille, spin poi, and practice karate. My style is Wado-Ryu (more officially, Wado-Kai, but the difference is small). As of 1 June 2007, I am ranked Shodan (1st-level black belt), coƫval with Arujei.

I keep a Livejournal, where you can find personal musings and news, as well as a more detailed profile.

I listen to a lot of obscure music, as well as better-known stuff. My taste is pretty wide-ranging. I don't tend to stay within one genre. My favorite (relatively) well-known artists are the Beatles, Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Metallica, and Dire Straits. I'm also a big musicals fan: Avenue Q, Shoggoth on the Roof, Les Mis, Man of La Mancha, My Fair Lady, Phantom, Pippin, Wicked.

For satirical music, nobody beats Tom Lehrer.

I listen to a lot of classical a cappella: Chanticleer, Clerestory, and the King's Singers. If you dislike college a cappella groups, listen to them to find out about the other side of a cappella. If you listen to a lot of instrumental classical music, listen to them to see what voices can do.

Here's me on Facebook.