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Conlangery & Conworlds

Language Construction Kit (Required reading for anyone interested in conlanging.)

KneeQuickie (ZBB wiki)

Langmaker (As I understand, this site contains many conlanging things, including the most thorough index of conlangs that's out there.)

Language Creation Conference website (Records of the 1st, and info for the 2nd, are up there.)

Videos of the talks from the 1st LCC (Highly recommended, especially John Quijada's talk.)

LCC2 Relay (going on right now!)

The World Dream Bank: Planetocopia (Some ridiculously cool conplanets. With gorgeous pics.)

Languages & Linguistics

Language Log (Pretty much the best general linguistics blog out there.)

Omniglot (Natscripts central, plus a goodly number of conscripts.)

Leipzig Glossing Rules (Very technical, and very helpful. Thanks to Doug Ball for pointing me here when I was in dire need.)

X-SAMPA (The IPA ASCIIfication I use on this site. That page is useful for X-SAMPA --> IPA. To go the other way, try this page.) 

L&L Museum (Although this is part of the ZBB, I think it deserves a special pointer -- its usage:value ratio is far too low.)

Studylangs (Natlang learning and discussion. I moderate the Japanese subforum.)

Rory's Linguistics Mirror (Lots of PDFs of really good/helpful linguistics papers.)

Glossary of Linguistic Terms 

Language Miniatures (short essays on language/linguistics, at a lay level) 

Intro to Cognitive Linguistics (Written by John Quijada, very accessible, and fascinating (IMHO).) 

Unicode Character Picker / IPA Character Picker (In-browser interfaces for typing Unicode characters.) 


Zompist Bulletin Board

Conlanger Bulletin Board

The Conlang Mailing List

Livejournal Conlangs Community

Conlangs group on Facebook

Specific Conlangs/Conlangers

Ardalambion (the premier website on Tolkien's languages)

Ithkuil (JohnQPublik's amazing engelang)

Skerre (my friend and mentor Doug Ball)

David J. Peterson's site (several languages and many great resources)

Sai Emrys' essays: On the Design of an Ideal Language, Non-Linear Fully Two-Dimensional Writing System Design


Linguists' version of the "prove all odd numbers are prime" joke (Here are some more canonical versions)

Speculative Grammarian (Satirical linguistics journal, yay.)

Rory's website (Not really snarky, but containing pictures of many ZBB members (among other things), and thus of great interest.)

The Feline Self-Awareness Page (Learn how to declare your feline self-awareness in many different languages -- also, contribute to the collection!)