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Iotsa! Welcome to Aliothsan's website. This website is primarily about the constructed language Tlharithad, plus some other random cool stuff.

15 July 2007: New stuff added to pics page! Whee!

14 July 2007: Although I didn't think it would happen so soon, I've been temporarily seduced away from Tlharithad by a tantalizing new idea. I've always wanted to do a triconsonantal-root lang, and I've always wanted to do a tone lang. A random new idea has prompted me to do both in one; watch for updates. I may even change the title of this website if this new project gets far enough.

9 July 2007: Although the googlepage editor was uncooperative with a certain crucial tool, I managed to get it working and now everything should be all right. I was fearing a big mess, but that's been averted.

This website is under construction in that Tlharithad (and my nameless singlang) are under construction. The grammar info is very incomplete, partly because a lot of it needs to be reformatted/reorganized, and partly because (let's face it) a lot of it needs to be invented.

For personal news and musings (which often pertain to conlangery) please see my Livejournal.

If you have comments on this site please email me. mizunomi at-sign gmail tinycircle com.