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NIGIRI (1pc.)

Fatty Tuna   Market Price

Sweet shrimp  $3.50

Sea ultin (Uni)  $2.99

Giant clam  $2.99

King crab  $2.50

Salmon roe  $2.50

Conger eel  $1.99(*)

Fresh water eel  $1.99(*)

Scallop  $1.99

Tuna  $1.99

Yellowtail  $1.99

Frying fish roe  $1.99

Salmon (Skin side is cooked)  $1.99

White meat fish  $1.75

Albacore tuna  $1.75

Octopus  $1.75

Squid  $1.75

Shrimp  $1.50(*)

Surf clam  $1.50

Mackerel  $1.50

Crabstick  $0.99

Egg omlet  $0.99(*)

Roll (6pc.)

Super tuna  $12.50 (California roll inside, Tuna outside)

Super Yellowtail $12.50 (California roll inside, Yellowtail outside)

(*)Caterpillar $12.50 (Eel & Avocado inside and outside)

Rainbow $12.50 (CA roll inside, Tuna Yellowtail Shrimp, Salmon and     White meat fis outside)

Super Salmon  $12.50(California roll inside, Salmon outside)

(*)Spider (4pc) $8.50 (Fried Soft shell crab, Radish sprouts inside, Frying Fish roe outside)

(*)Crunchy Crab $7.50 (King Crab Tempura)

(*)Shrimp Tempura $5.99 (Shrimp Tempura)

Volcano  $5.99 (California roll with spicy salmon sauce)

Dynamite (4pc)  $5.99 (Tuna, Salmon Yellowtail mix with Hot Mayo)

(*)Deep fried california $4.99 (California roll deep fried with tempura butter mix with spicy mayo)

Tuna $4.99  (Tuna & Wasabi)

Yellowtail & Scallion $4.99 (Yellowtail & Scallion)

Spicy Scallop $4.99 (Scallop with hot mayo)

Spicy Tuna $4.99 (Tuna with hot mayo)

Spicy Yellowtail $4.99 (Yellowtail with hot mayo)

Tuna California $4.99 (Tuna & Avocado)

Yellowtail California $4.99 (Yellowtail & Avocado)

Spicy Salmon $4.99 (Salmon with hot mayo)

Salmon California $4.99 (Salmon with Avocado)

Philly $4.99 (Cream cheese, salmon and cucumber)

(*)Eel $4.99 (Eel and cucumber)

(*)Crunchy mussel $4.99(Green Mussel tempura with hot mayo)

(*)Calamari $4.99(Squid tempura and radish sprouts with hot mayo)

(*)Shrimp California $4.99(Shrimp and Avocado)

California $3.99 (Crabstick and Avocado)

Creamy Crab $3.50 (Crabstick and Cream Cheese)

Crab stick $3.50  (Crabstick and Cucumber)

(*)Asparagus $3.50 (Deep fried asparagus)

(*)Plum & Asparagus $3.50 (Fried Asparagus and plum sauce)

Avocado $3.50 (Avocado)

Salad $3.50 (daily vegetable)

Kanpyo $2.99 (Kanpyo = Japanese squash)

Cucmber $2.99 (Cucumber )

Shitake $2.99 (Sweet seasoned shitake mushroom)

Natto $2.99 (Fermented soybeans)

Oshinko $2.99 (Japanese pickled vegetable)


Additional $1.00 for deep fry