Tunisan Simple Stitch Tutoial

March's Whiplash Challenge: a good tutorial with clear photos and instructions. 

The tutorial can be for a new design, or a fresh perspective on an established technique. ****** Since I am on a Tunisian Crochet kick, I decided to create a tutorial on how to create the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) and then an example project so you can practice. As is my want, I took a lot of photos. 

So, instead of drowning everyone, you can access the "How to TSS" photoset on Flickr (complete with text and notes) **here**. 

 There are notes on almost every photo, so please mouse over the pictures if you need clarification. Here is just the photo part of it, but it won't make much sense without the text:

TSS Tutorial Mosiac - A Sum of All Parts

If you are confused or have a question, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this entry. My email is mi[dot]yuck[at]gmail.com Once you are familiar with the technique of Tunisian Simple Stitch, we can begin to make a project based on the stitch. *


Project: Lavender + Rice Sachet w/ Crocheted TSS Cozie

  Now that you have viewed the Tunisian Simple Stitch Photo Tutorial, we can begin part two. We are making a crochet case for a scented fabric sachet filled with lavender + rice.

The lavender will make it smell nice, the rice will help hold in heat or cold (a.k.a. you can stick the sewn sachet into the microwave for a heatpack, or the freezer for a coldpack). The case will be crocheted, the sachet will be sewn. Tutorial made with compliments of my Comic Life program (tired of it yet?)!

Crochet TSS Cozy Tutorial 
fold the cozy in half when you have begun to make your button loop to make sure that you are centered, and adjust accordingly.
**Also, before you begin to seam, measure out the cozy to about 3 1/2 inches high and 5 1/2" high. Wet block by immersing in water, pinning to dimensions, and let dry. I prefer to steamblock by hovering an iron over the peice about 1/2 an inch and steaming the peice lightly until damp. When the peice is dry, then seam.** TSS Crochet TutorialCrochet TSS Cozy Tutorial