Pumpkin Pie

our experience in pumpkin pie making 



We went to Walmart and picked out a pumpkin to take home (the pumpkin will now be referred to as The Innocent Victim).

Our Pumpkin


 We found a template on the internet, printed it out, cut it out, and taped the sucker to the pumpkin. Then we started poking holes in it. With...a KNITTING NEEDLE (yes, they do come in handy).

Step 1


Using an electric saw, the Innocent Victim was cut into. The Innocent Victim's head removed...

CarvingThe lifting of the pumpkin top


BRAINSSSSsss...but no, this isn't a Hannibal Lector movie. We are not (repeat: ARE NOT) going to feed the Innocent Victim's brains to itself. That would be inhumane.

It's Free!


 This is not all of the pumpkin. This is like..half of what we removed. Last year we made eight pies. I think this year we are only making...six? seven?

Pumpkin guts


 Ta-da! Vinh did most of the work. I shuttled between Kroger and the apartment because a) I was hungry b) Vinh picked up Sage instead of Nutmeg c) we forgot Cinnamon...again.

Finished Pumpkin


then it was pie-makin' time!

Making Pumpkin Pies


 yes. We have a dirty oven. I mean...damn! these boys have a dirty oven! Where did all that dirt come from? It's certainly not mine! And for you smart asses: as long as the dirt doesnt get in the food and the oven still cooks pies, I'm happy. Though something in the bottom of the oven did catch on fire and we had to throw it outside on the porch and hit it with a metal spatula until it died out.

Making Pumpkin Pies



Pumpkin Pie - Baked


 We currently have two pies in the fridge, two pies in the freezer, and enough pumpkin innards left to make two more! Or maybe three! Noku loves the pie! She's still alive, so it means the pies are good!