Who's been Googling Maria Ozawa?

Maria Ozawa (小澤マリア)

Google Trends show the volume of search in Google for Japanese actress "Maria Ozawa". Since October 2005 (first video) when she starts to appear the number of search has been increasing dramatically, having a peak in June- August 2006.

She is undoubtedly one of the most googled Japanese actress, surpassing previous J-queen Akira Fubuki.

From trends by countries, countries in South-East Asia dominates, and Indonesian is her largest fans. Canada, her former hometown only at the 10th position.

 Based on cities, she is the mosts searched in East Java, Indonesia (Yogyakarta & Surabaya)

 Googling for 小澤マリア gives similar results, but earlier rise (August 2005) with a peak in July 2006. Unexplainable peak??

 Top googlers are Japanese, followed by Hong Kong & Taiwan

 Shinjuku has the most fans...