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Dolphins and overturns everywhere! (16 Nov 2012)

posted Nov 15, 2012, 6:24 PM by Amy Waterhouse   [ updated Nov 16, 2012, 5:30 AM ]
This mornings beautiful sun rise came with a dazzling display of hundreds of dolphins, birds and fish that surrounded the Melville. A quick trip down to the bow dome and we watched the dolphins swimming from under water. Quite an amazing morning!

Liz entering the hatch leading to the bow dome. (M) Liz, Julie, Amy, Vanessa, Michael and Jonathan in the bow dome to watch the dolphins.
(R) It's a long way back up from the bow dome!

Not to be outdone, the flow over the ridge proved to get even more interesting overnight, with a second down slope flow not quite like the other. The first semi-diurnal tidal cycle was much stronger than the second, and seems like the overturns were much bigger in the first half than the second. To better capture the velocity signal from the CTD-LADCP-chipod profiles, we strapped two aquadopps, which were graciously donated by Uwe Send (SIO), to the CTD wire (10m apart) just above the CTD cage. This will give us high resolution shear measurements that might give us information in the high wavenumber range.

Jonathan Nash and Josh Manger attached one of two aquadopps to the CTD wire

Ruth talked about these ridge flows at the end of our nightly science chat which featured Jen MacKinnon's discussion on global ocean mixing.

After the end of the first 25 hour CTD-LADCP-chipod profile, we recovered the CTD and moved on to the next station further along the ridge. The night was greeted with another flock of birds that dotted the waters around the Melville. Maybe there will be some more dolphins in the morning...

    Michael and Felipe recovering the CTD                                         Birds birds birds.