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27 November 2012

posted Nov 28, 2012, 3:05 AM by Amy Waterhouse
It's midnight and I'm waiting up to see if the CTD will have to be recovered due to bad weather. I'm checking the winch display 49m and still coming up. If it stops at 30m and goes back down, we are still in business. If not, the CTD is coming up and back to plan B: XBT surveys or ship board ADCP surveys which are the safest option when the weather gets really bad.

While I wait, I'm reflecting on the last two days! And what a long two days it has been... With the approaching storm, we successfully took out the moorings ahead of schedule and have spent part of today downloading and sorting all of our data. There was no rest for anyone though as we put the CTD back in the water as soon as we left the last spot of the mooring recovery.

The CTD is now at 10m… looks like its coming out of the water. Another storm bringing 30ft seas and 50kt winds headed up from the south. The winds and waves are too strong to even do the XBT profiles so we are going to head down to the Mendocino Ridge again to use the shipboard ADCP.

The first mooring is alive! The top (two yellow balls) and the bottom (bunch of yellow balls) all within close distance

First piece on board!
Paul and Jonathan can multi task: tag lines AND smiling!

Liz and Alfredo operating the winch and air tugger needed to pull in all of the wire and instruments

This is what is called a "wuzzle". Like a puzzle!

Jen and Amy taking a quick photo break in front of Josh and Paul who are trying to sort out yet another glass ball wuzzle. What fun!

Jonathan and Liz with releases, cages, current profiler and top floats all safely back and strapped down for the journey home

The downloading begins...