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24 November 2012

posted Nov 25, 2012, 12:39 AM by Amy Waterhouse
Today was yet another day spent doing CTD profiles in Eel canyon. We recovered the CTD in the morning and moved further towards the mouth of the canyon (Station 5) and will be here until tomorrow afternoon. From there, we are going to do profiles along the steep canyon walls.

There are some interesting signals coming back from the shipboard ADCP - showing mode-one velocities in the along canyon direction with much higher mode velocities in the cross-channel direction. Once we have the velocity data back from the lowered ADCPs and moorings, we will be able to make more sense of what these signals look like down deep too!

Similar to most days out here, we are still surrounded by a cavalry of birds. Two particular albatross were fascinated with the CTD today and spent most of the day sitting right next to where the wire goes into the water. The ship deck cameras even caught a picture of them.

Our two CTD wire watchers: Laysan Albatross (

Tonight's science moment came in the way of Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic. There are just so many similarities between this movie and the trip we are on... maybe we will even see the elusive jaguar shark!