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17 November 2012

posted Nov 18, 2012, 3:17 AM by Amy Waterhouse   [ updated Nov 18, 2012, 3:30 AM ]
As the sea starts getting bigger, the ocean underneath keeps mixing away. Being able to do CTD profiles with over 1 m/s currents below 500m depth with a strong incoming swell has been very challenging.
Ruth, Jen and Jonathan enjoying another sunset on the Pacific (photo: J. Franco)

We're mid-way through the third station on the Mendocino Ridge and so far the data we've collected is extremely exciting. Initial signs from the chi-pod (measuring turbulent fluctuations in temperature from the CTD) show increased turbulence where we saw the giant overturns covering both small and large scales of mixing!

The storm we are all waiting for has started coming our way. Pink in this map is a 20-23ft swell height,
forecast for 12 hours from now (as of 11pm on 18 November 2012).

We are all becoming experts at our 8 hour CTD watches which means one person talking to the winch operator and checking the data monitors inside the ship and the second person going outside to check on the CTD when it comes to the surface. Sometimes even going outside is exciting - two seagulls decided to meet Liz Bunin up close and personal - flying up to meet her in the face! The birds have been swarming us since we started our station profiles on the Mendocino Ridge.

(L) Vanessa, Liz, Jen and Jonathan enjoying another great dessert! (R) Our CTD control station with some interpretive drawings

Today we had a weekly fire drill and that meant it was time to try on our immersion suits. Sometimes you need a little help from your friends!

Julie, Felipe and Jonathan getting into their immersion suits.

Our daily science moments have been awesome and enlightening with Vanessa talking about ocean acidification last night and Hanne Beate talking about the upcoming TTIDE project which is part of her PhD research.

(L) Hanne Beate at the CTD control station (R) Vanessa talking during nightly science moment

Another night with birds and fish surrounding the ship allowed for Paul Chua to catch some bait fish with Jonathan and Hanne standing by.