About the science

Mixing at the Margins is a UC funded research cruise led by Amy Waterhouse and Ruth Musgrave from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. We are studying mixing over topography and how internal waves are generated and propagate in the coastal ocean off of California.

Mixing over Mendocino Ridge

At Mendocino Rige, we’d like to find out how much barotropic tidal energy is dissipated by localized, hydraulic-like features
over an isolated steep ridge in the open ocean, whether scalings can be extrapolated to a different ridge geometry and parameter regime and what are the relative dynamical roles of shear instabilities, breaking non-linear waves, and internal hydraulic jumps. 

Internal wave propagation in Eel canyon

Just north of Mendocin
o Ridge is Eel canyon.

We are going to find out how the internal tide evolves and dissipates in a canyon with significantly different geometry than the well-studied Monterey Canyon and how will the combination of our new findings help us to extrapolate and predict tidal dissipation more generally along coastal margins.