A bibliography

By Eben Goodale and Hari Sridhar (please scroll down to display or download database)

Mixed-species flocks of birds are exciting models for community ecology because they can be found throughout the world, and thus by studying communities with different evolutionary histories one can search for general patterns in community structure.

Here we list those descriptive studies that we have encountered that are in terrestrial landscapes.  Please note that by “terrestrial landscapes” we exclude ducks, pelagic species, seabirds, shorebirds and wading birds. We also have some notable weaknesses in the database that we’d like to correct: (a) theses are generally not listed (especially if they have been subsequently published) (b) articles in languages other than English may be missed. If you have an addition to the database or a correction of any kind, please e-mail us. Collectively, we also have many of the articles listed here in electronic form, and should you wish for copies, again we encourage e-mail.

If this document was helpful to you, we ask that you reference it, as follows:

Goodale, E. and Sridhar, H. 2010-2012. Mixed-species bird flocks: a bibliography. Internet database at https://sites.google.com/site/mixedspeciesbirdflocks/. Accessed: Date.

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Picture above: A painting of a mixed-species bird flock in the Western Ghats of India, by Rangu Narayan

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