Τριπλάσιο κορώνα

"The Most Prestigious Title In All Combat Sports"

Any fighter that holds, or has held, a title in each of the following three events...

Can include a title in any of the following events/promotions:

K-1 Grand Prix World Title (End of year finals)

K-1 MAX World Championship Title

Muay Thai World Championship Title (Lumpini or Rajadamnoen Stadium)

World Sanda (San Shou) Title - (World Wushu Championships,
World Martial Arts Championships, or IKF World Championship

Can include a title in any of the following events/promotions:

ADCC (World Submission Grappling Championship Finals) Absolute Title

"MUNDIALS" (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships) Absolute Title (Black Belt level)

World Sambo Championship (Absolute Title)

Grapplers Quest's UFC Fan Expo Grappling Superfight Tourney Title

MMA World any of the following promotions:

BFC (Bellator)
SVS (Strikeforce)
PFC (Pride)
SRC (Sengoku)
WVR (Dream)
ISC (Shooto) - 167lbs & below
WEC (155lbs & below)
TPF (Tachi Palace Fights) - 125lb title
Bokator World Championship
or, a Linear Championship Title
Cambodian Bokator National Championships


One title for the most prestigious striking events.


One title for the most prestigious grappling events.

One title for the most prestigious MMA events.

Just like in ancient Greece...where the greatest Olympic champion was the one who could hold titles in Boxing (kickboxing), Wrestling (submission grappling), and the Pankration (NHB style MMA).

So how many Absolute champions do we have from the Mundials, ADCC or Sambo...who have also won an MMA title in any of our qualifying organizations?

Fedor Emilianenko?
Andrei Arlovski?
BJ Penn?
Mark Kerr?
Ricardo Arona?

Answer: Arlovski was only a Junior Sambo champ.
Fedor was both a PrideFC champion (and current MMA HW linear champion), and a World Sambo champion...but not in the absolute div. (His brother Aleksander is a 2x absolute Sambo champ).
Penn won the Mundials but not the absolute.
Arona & Kerr came the closest of the above named fighters. Arona won the ADCC absolute and beat Vanderlei Silva in PrideFC, though it wasn't a title fight.
Kerr won the ADCC absolutes back in 2000, and briefly held the LINEAR World Heavyweight title from January to May of 2000.

And how many have won a K-1 World Grand Prix Championship finals title/K-1 Max World title, and a major MMA title?

Maurice Smith?
Semmy Schilt?
Alistair Overeem?

Answer: Smith held the UFC HW belt, but won only a national K-1 event. Schilt was a GP K-1 champ, but he was only a KOP champ in MMA. Alistair Overeem is the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, DREAM Interim Heavyweight Champion, and K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, and made history by being the only fighter in combat sports to hold a world title in both MMA and in K-1 kickboxing at the same time.

How many have the potential to win all 3?

Gegard Mousasi?
Georges St.Pierre?
Anderson Silva?
Alistair Overeem?
Roger Gracie?

                    ............Who else?

© Shane McFarland 2009