Extended Settings

Welcome to the Extended Settings Mod.
I created an App. (it's my first one so no laughing!!!)
After installing you'll find it on one of your homecreens. It has the title "MIUI Control Panel"
This is where to go to access the options this Mod gives you. There is a screenshot below to show you what to expect when you open the app.


MASSIVE THANKS to roee88 his hard work means the Modded Launcher here now has Scrollable widgets support
I urge you to visit Android Pro Widgets
the widgets there work perfectly..

[B]What is Does[/B]
Option to Hide/Unhide Status Bar Clock
Option to Hide/Unhide Alarm Icon
Option to select a custom colour for the clock

Option to Hide/Unhide Battery Icon
Option to select a custom colour for the top-bar battery

Option to select a custom colour for the carrier
Option to Hide/Unhide Carrier
Option to specify your own custom carrier text
Option to replace carrier text with a logo.

Option to specify pull-down date/time format. (see below for examples)
Option to specify lockscreen date/time format. (see below for examples)

Option to change Overscrolling.

Option to choose a solid wallpaper in the colour of your choice.

As well as the above. If you go to Launcher Settings you will have the following options..

Option to enable/disable Wallpaper scrolling

Option to enable/disable Auto close folders.

Option to show/hide icon labels.

[B]To Install.[/B]
Click the download link and navigate your way to the Extended Settings directory, from there select the folder that matches the version of MIUI you are on. You will now have three options:




All three give you the same functionality. The only difference is the apperance of the status bar.

Select the one you want, download and copy to your SDCARD. Then :-

1. Reboot into recovery.
2. choose "install zip from sdcard"
3. choose "choose zip from sdcard"
4. locate your file
5. confirm "YES - install "
6. wait for script to finish
7. reboot phone

If you experience any trouble with the above try these tips below :-

WORKAROUND if flashing doesn't change anything:
1. Reboot into recovery
2. Manually mount /system and /data from recovery menu
3. Flash the downloaded file

WORKAROUND for recovery error (Status 0):
1. Unzip your ROM and find
META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary file
2. Put this file in the zip containing the Mod (overriding MOD's META-INF file)
3. Flash your modified zip.



[COLOR=white]As with all MODS there is no guarantee it'll work with all phones.(I only have a Galaxy S)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=white]so please take a Nandroid backup before applying this.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]Hope you like it!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]If you find any bugs or have improvement suggestions just let me know.

Here's some example Date Formats:-

For the month of September:
M -> 9
MM -> 09
MMM -> Sep
MMMM -> September

For 7 minutes past the hour:
m -> 7
mm -> 07
mmm -> 007
mmmm -> 0007

Examples for April 6, 1970 at 3:23am:
"MM/dd/yy h:mmaa" -> "04/06/70 3:23am"
"MMM dd, yyyy h:mmaa" -> "Apr 6, 1970 3:23am"
"MMMM dd, yyyy h:mmaa" -> "April 6, 1970 3:23am"
"E, MMMM dd, yyyy h:mmaa" -> "Mon, April 6, 1970 3:23am"
"EEEE, MMMM dd, yyyy h:mmaa" -> "Monday, April 6, 1970 3:23am"
"'Noteworthy day: 'M/d/yy" -> "Noteworthy day: 4/6/70"


[COLOR="white"]Download Links[/COLOR]

[URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?8ay1b3125l55agb"]1.10.14 ESSwitched v2[/URL]
[URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?azz2f4tlmmn4l0h"]1.10.14 ESCenter v2[/URL]
[URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?o718boid4x7wo9o"]1.10.14 ESRight v2[/URL]

[URL="http://www.magicmonkeystudios.com/android/andythomson/"]Latest Downloads[/URL]

***Thanks to TREYM for the File Hosting***

[COLOR="paleturquoise"]MANY, MANY THANKS to those who have donated to the Beer fund. It's very much appreciated..

The kid cassidy