Initial Strategy

Presentation from March 8th 2008 

Tricycle Attachment (Homepage)

Final Concept

Most Critical Module 

Prototype Design


A universal attachment with the initial focus on finishing the design, before offering varieties.

Functional Requirements:

  • An attachment which is attachable and detachable to a "standard" wheelchair
  • Operator can use it to propel self and wheelchair over long distances and varied terrain
  • Attachable and detachable by user
  • Usable/adjustable for a variety of people
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to lock
  • Robust and safe

Design Parameters:

  • Aim for $20 cost
  • Lightweight
  • Use bike parts
  • No precision machining
  • Use widely available materials in developing countries 


  • Week 5 Detailed FDPPARC and research
  • Week 6 Best concept ideas
  • Week 7 Present concepts, decide on most critical module (MCM)
  • Week 8 further development of MCM
  • Week 9-10 Building
  • Week 11 Present MCM
  • Week 12 Finish prototype
  • Week 13-14 test prototype, break, repair
  • Week 15 present final prototype
  • Week >15 test and implement in developing countries!