Final Concept

Presentation from March 20th 2008

Tricycle Attachment (Homepage)

Initial Strategy 

Most Critical Module 

Prototype Design 

Hinge + Latch Concept

Functional Requirements:

  • Lift casters of ground at least 2 inches
  • Sturcturally sound

Design Parameters:

  • Attachment fits over the users legs or around their legs
  • Attaches to the bars above the casters
  • Uses bicycle bearing as pivot point

Design Sketch:

Attachments Steps:


  1. attach clamp around feet
  2. push forward (pivots about hinge to lift casters)
  3. clamp at waist level


Although it contains moving parts the hinged concept allows for an easier attachment and high structural integrity. The other advantage are its smaller size, conventional appearance and the accessible attachment locations even while seated in the wheelchair.