The MIT Tango Club offers several tango classes spanning beginner, intermediate and advanced levels currently provided by our resident teaching couple: Steve & Pamela Slavsky (P&S). Our fabulous officer Giulia Agostinelli also assists Steve on Wednesdays. No partner needed!

Course name  Teachers Weekday Time (pm)  Location  Start End 
Practi-Class for FollowersKatieThursday7:30 - 8:3066 -1689/1912/5
Fundamentals IP&SThursday7:00 - 8:30
36 -156
Fundamentals IIP&S Thursday7:00 - 8:30 
36 -156
Fundamentals III  P&S Thursdays7:00 - 8:30 36 -156   11/21 12/19 
Wednesday Intermediate Class 1G&SWednesday
7:30 - 9:00
36 -156
Wednesday Intermediate Class 2 G&S
7:30 - 9:0036 -156

Important Notes:
- The Fundamentals I class on September 19th will be held in W20-202 exceptionally. The class still runs from 7pm to 8:30pm, with an extra 30 minute of practice time.
- There will be NO Fundamentals III class on November 28th.


$40 for MIT students
$55 for MIT staff/faculty/affiliates/alumni + non-MIT students
$70 for general public


$35 + $35 for MIT students
$50 + $50 for MIT staff/faculty/affiliates/alumni + non-MIT students
$65 + $65 for general public


$30 + $30 + $20 for MIT students
$45 + $45 + $35 for MIT staff/faculty/affiliates/alumni + non-MIT students
$60 + $60 + $50 for general public


MIT Tango Club is delighted to announce that all our instructors offer private classes at discounted prices for the MIT community. We offer two discount rates: 35% for full-time MIT students, and 25% for MIT post-docs/staff. For scheduling or more info, please contact the instructor directly: 

Pamela and Steve Slavsky:


Creating Interesting Figures
This is an all levels, progressive class that will challenge your creativity and musicality to discover what makes an interesting combination of steps that will thrill followers and allow them to find their voice in the dance. We will work to ensure these figures are not just  memorized, repetitive steps, but will come from a place of listening and creating together. Prerequisite is  completion of two or more beginning series of classes.
Listening as a leader, Feeling as a Follower
To create self-expression in the dance through a deeper connection and communication with your partner. This class is a perfect companion class to Creating Interesting Figures. Listening and feeling your partner is the secret sauce that makes Tango feel so exquisite.


Fundamentals  I, II & III  - Teachers: Pamela & Steve
Welcome to tango! Were you mesmerized by the Boot Camp? Have you been watching Tango on YouTube? Or has a friend finally talked you into trying something they just won't shut up about? The MIT Tango Club and Tangodogs have created a well-paced, challenging semester of classes that will get you dancing, show you the beauty of tango, the exquisite movement available with your partner, and guide you step by step along your journey. These classes are progressive, and by the end of the semester students will have a good working knowledge of Tango.

Classes will be from 7:00-8:30PM, with either a 30 minute practice session after, or, starting in the second series, we will go as a class to the MIT Thursday Practica where we will watch and participate.

The classes are open to all, no partner necessary. Please wear comfortable clothes and non-rubber soled shoes that you can pivot in (running, cross-training shoes - not so much).
Fundamentals I: The Building Blocks (7:00 - 8:30 pm) 
Whether a complete beginner or just out from the bootcamp, this series will provide and reinforce the basics of movement in Tango, and a primer on the customs or "código's" of Tango.

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
 Fundamentals IWalk, Connection, Salida, check-step turn.

Change of weight, Baldosa, La Cruzada. Simple sequences incorporating figures.
Cross foot system. Sequences in cross and parallel incorporating figuresIntroduction to the Ocho Cortado, in parallel and cross system. Simple sequences incorporating it.Forward/Back Cross Steps, Ochos. Various sequences using common figures in different orders.Molinetes. Adding turns to the dance. Sequences that incorporate walking and turning.



Fundamentals II: Making it Dance (7:00 - 8:30 pm) 
Building on the basics of movement, this series will provide students with a functional inventory of classic figures, building confidence and getting you out on the dance floor.

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
 Fundamentals IIPauses, Corrida and rhythm variations. Sequences incorporating more dynamic movementSacadas. Understanding displacements. Turning sequences that change the center of rotation.More about the Ocho Cortado, interesting options to standard figures. Sequences with various outcomes.Calesita, introducing pivots. Sequences with leader moving around the followerParada, Pasada. Creating space for the follower to create movement. Sequences that allow for the follower to determine the outcome.

Fundamentals III: Flashy Figures (7:00 - 8:30 pm)  [No Class Nov. 28th]

There's so much you can do! With a few more figures and a concept or two, the dance becomes a space to express your creativity! We will explore changes in linear and rotational direction, sharing of space, and fitting it to the music.

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
 Fundamentals IIIMore Sacadas. A deeper dive into a very useful and creative move. Sequences that create dynamic changes in the danceChanges in Direction, lovely moves, useful navigation tool. Interesting sequences to help navigate on the dance floor.Boleos, the rotational changes in direction, allowing the follower to play with the free leg. Challenging sequences for leader and follower.Ocho Milonguero, more play with changes in direction, follower's free leg and elastic connection. Sequences that can be interpreted in interesting ways.

Practi-Class for Followers (7:30 - 8:30 pm) Come join us in a new followers (Free!) “practi-class”! Beginning with conditioning exercises to build balance, coordination, and body movement, in each session we will watch different world-class followers and dedicate time to work to a specific set of drills to strengthen and add variety to your tango vocabulary. This is a great opportunity to focus on individual technique and create the habits of practice that lead to confidence and grace on the dance floor. All levels and genders welcome. This “practi-class” will be lead by Katie Gowell.


Unless otherwise indicated, no partner is required for taking tango classes at MIT (occasionally, partnered seminar courses have been offered in the past at an advanced level), but you are of course free to take classes with a partner if that is what you want.