The MIT Tango Club offers several tango classes spanning beginner, intermediate and advanced levels currently provided by our two resident teaching couples: Steve & Pamela Slavsky (P&S) as well as Adam Cornett & Tilia Kimm (A&T). No partner needed!

Course name  Teachers Weekday Time (pm)  Location  Start End 
Train your Tango with Rebecca Rebecca Thursday
7:00 - 8:15 66-168 10/25
 Changes in Direction P&S 
 7:00 - 8:1536-156
 On Axis, Off Axis, On PurposeP&S
8:30 - 9:45
Fundamentals IP&SThursday 7:00 - 8:1536-15610/1811/15
Fundamentals IIP&S Thursday8:30 - 9:4536-15610/1811/15
The Pleasures of Small Motions
Eric LindgrenThursday
7:00 - 8:1566-168


$30 for MIT students
$45 for MIT staff/faculty/affiliates/alumni 
$45 for non-MIT students 
$60 for general public

MIT Tango Club is delighted to announce that all our instructors offer private classes at discounted prices for the MIT community. We offer two discount rates: 35% for full-time MIT students, and 25% for MIT post-docs/staff. For scheduling or more info, please contact the instructor directly: 

Adam Cornett:
Pamela and Steve Slavsky:



Changes in Direction  (7-8:15 pm)
Teachers: Pamela & Steve

A perfect follow up to our last series, in this class we will explore the wonderful dynamic quality of linear and rotational changes in direction. This class is meant for all levels. Followers will improve their connection and find opportunities for embellishments, leaders will add to their available moves and increase creativity.  

On Axis, Off Axis, On Purpose (8:30-9:45 pm)
Teachers: Pamela & Steve

An intermediate class exploring the dynamic use of axis to enrich your dance. Discover use of axis in the embrace, movement, turns, changes in direction, volcadas and colgadas. We will work in open and close embrace, becoming familiar with the fundamentals of how the axis can be used and shared, concepts of off-axis use and movement, and application in musicality, steps, turns and figures. With integration of these concepts your dance will become more connected, textured, musical, and dynamic.


Fundamentals  I & II  - Teachers: Pamela & Steve
These two series cover the basic skills, concepts, and figures that form the foundation for dancing tango socially, then go on to teach students how to use them to create the dance. From the start, students will be dancing together so that skills grow to enhance the connection between partners and to the music. Brand new students will start with Fundamentals I.


Fundamentals I: The Building Blocks (7:00 - 8:15 pm) These beginner level classes will introduce students to the foundation ingredients of Argentine tango.  It is intended to be taken at least twice in order to build skills and understanding and is guaranteed to feel fresh every time! As skills improve, deeper layers of the dance will become accessible and students will be continually challenged and rewarded by reaching new goals. 


Fundamentals II: Making it Dance (8:30 - 9:45 pm) These classes will take students from beginner to intermediate level dancers able to improvise together with a partner and navigate the social dance setting.  It is a flexible format meant to be taken for as many sessions that meet the goals and learning style of the student. Content varies to keep students attending on any given night engaged and progressing and is drawn from a broad range of material and technique universally useful on the tango dance floor.


Prerequisites for Fundamentals II: Two beginning tango classes or equivalent.

Train your Tango with Rebecca (7:00 - 8:15 pm)  - Teacher: Rebecca Rorick-Smith
Exploring with vocabulary like: Rebote, Boleos, Cortes, Giros, Sacadas, & Ganchos... We will focus on making these elements easier and more applicable, adding each week a couple embrace options and musical variations. Lots of attention to both roles, techniques, and dynamics!

Rebecca began studying Argentine Tango in 1999 in Eugene, Oregon while pursuing her BFA. Since then her feet have never stopped dancing!! From 2000 Rebecca has lived and taught within numerous communities in the USA, and around the world. Now, after 5 years of teaching and living in Berlin, she has just returned to the USA! Rebecca has always believed in the transformative capacity that learning Tango brings and is fueled by the metamorphosis of her students. She offers her students accessible compassionate guidance combined with a deep understanding of both following and leading, movement, music, and technique.


Unless otherwise indicated, no partner is required for taking tango classes at MIT (occasionally, partnered seminar courses have been offered in the past at an advanced level), but you are of course free to take classes with a partner if that is what you want.