Our Teachers


Adam Cornett and Tilly Kimm began working together after Tilly finished her PhD two years ago. In April of this year they won the national championships and are the 2016 U.S. Tango Champions. Between them they have over 25 years of Tango experience and over 35 years of dance experience. Adam started tango at the age of 18 when he was in college in Oregon and Tilly began when she was an undergraduate at MIT. 

Contact Adam & Tilly at info@adamandtilly.com or visit www.adamandtilly.com to learn more about them.


Pamela and Steve Slavsky live in the Boston area where they have been teaching Argentine tango since 2006. They have been dancing tango together since 2000 as part of the local community and travel frequently to festivals and to visit other communities. They teach to promote tango’s unique charms as a social dance, emphasizing natural movement, connection, and musicality. Their goal is to give students a foundation of skills rooted in traditional technique from which they can grow into versatile and curious social dancers. They continue to study dance and related topics for their own enjoyment and to improve their teaching. Pamela also teaches the Alexander Technique and has taught social dance for over a decade. Steve is a tango DJ. They both enjoy long walks with their dog.

Contact Pamela and Steve at Info@tangodogs.com or visit www.tangodogs.com to learn more about them.