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Workshops with Eric Lindgren

The MIT Tango club is happy to welcome Eric Lindgren to Boston. 
He will be teaching workshops on January, 27th

Instructor's Bio

Eric fell in love with Tango in his first class. A month later he had moved to Buenos Aires to pursue the dance full time. In the decade since he has continued to explore the many unique avenues of style, technique, and self-expression that Argentine Tango offers. Eric has taught, toured, and performed throughout the US and Europe and continues to revisit Buenos Aires regularly as source of inspiration and clarity. Eric is exceptional both for his endless willingness to re-examine his dance seeking new depth as well for as for the unusual breadth of his knowledge and experience. In classes, Eric focuses on pursuing presence, ease, expression, and pleasure, as the quickest and most rewarding paths to further our understand of the dance.

Workshop Schedule
January, 27th
W20-407 (Stratton Student Center)

1:30-3:00 pm, Stability Through Change
Tango is a dance famous for it's stillness and stoicism.
 As students we often accidentally translate this into stiffness and immobility in our bodies. 
We'll look at how allowing dynamic and expression (in ourselves and with our partners) can help us achieve that quiet stability we all work so hard for. 

3:00-3:30 pm, Break (snacks and drinks provided)

3:30-5:00 pm, Cozy Close Embrace Continuity
Come explore ways to bring more comfort and flow into your close embrace. 
We'll play we some unusual shapes and patterns and how they can deepen your dance 
without messing up your groove.

Workshop Pricing
Please purchase tickets at the door or here!
   1 workshop  2 workshops
 MIT Students  $15  $20
 MIT staff/non MIT students  $20  $30
 General public  $30  $40