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October Workshops with Eric Lindgren

The MIT Tango club is happy to welcome Eric Lindgren to Boston. 
He will be teaching workshops on October, 7th

Instructor's Bio

Eric fell in love with Tango in his first class. One month later he had moved to Buenos Aires to pursue the dance full time. In the decade-plus since he has continued to explore the many unique avenues of style, technique, and self-expression that Argentine Tango offers. Eric is a much sought-after instructor, performer, and dj all over the world, having worked extensively in the US, Europe, and Buenos Aires. He is exceptional both for his endless willingness to re-examine and refine his ideas as well for as for the unusual breadth of his knowledge and experience. In classes, Eric focuses on pursuing presence, ease, expression, and pleasure, as the quickest and most rewarding paths to further our understand of the dance.

Workshop Schedule
October, 7th
W20-208 (Stratton Student Center)

1:30-3:00 pm,Embracing the Moment
Practicing Presence Pauses, slowness, and the breath, with an emphasis on the Embrace. How to be comfortable close to our partners and play with the intimacy that often intimidates us. aka How to Start Each Dance Like a Boss

3:00-3:30 pm, Break (snacks and drinks provided)

3:30-5:00 pm,
Fundamentals for Colgadas
Shared axis movements can be intimidating at first and are often taught as a collection of ‘special’ techniques for ‘advanced’ dancers. In this class we’ll take a different approach, exploring colgadas from a perspective friendly to all levels of dancers. We’ll look at how minor changes to our ideas of pivoting and collection can make this oft-daunting movement accessible and hopefully even enjoyable.

Workshop Pricing
Please purchase tickets at the door!
   1 workshop  2 workshops
 MIT Students  $15  $20
 MIT staff/non MIT students  $20  $30
 General public  $30  $40