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MIT Milonga + Live Music

The MIT tango club is thrilled to host a special milonga for you on March, 30th!
Live music, delicious refreshments, unforgettable tandas, and warm atmosphere among friends! 
Stay tuned and mark your calendars!

- FREE for students (MIT and no-MIT) and for all MIT affiliates (please don't forget to bring your ID)
- $10 for general public (payment at the door)

Date and time: March, 30th, 2018, 8 PM- 12:45 AM
Location: W20-202, Sala de Puerto Rico - MIT Student Center

Live Music: Orchestra Sin Trabajo! 

They will bring live music to milonga and will take you on a journey through sweeping tangos, flowing valses, and fiery milongas. 
Boston’s Orquesta Sin Trabajo plays tango music for dancing — and they should know what makes good dance music, since they’re dancers (and tango DJs) themselves. The group plays fresh arrangements of Golden Age favorites, infused with a unique blend of musical expression, adventure, and humor. 
So rich and powerful is their sound that listeners report difficulty believing the group is a small quartet and not actually a full orquesta típica “with the extra players hidden somewhere backstage”.