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Fall Tango Bootcamp September 2019

Beginning Tango Bootcamp

September 7-8, 2019 in Cambridge, MA
Location: Sala de Puerto Rico - W20-202
Ever wanted to learn tango? This is your chance! 
Maybe we cannot teach you everything there is to learn about Argentine tango in two days, but we will certainly teach you the essentials, and definitely have fun! 

The MIT Tango Bootcamp is an intensive two days introduction to Argentine tango designed to get you from no dancing to tango in two quick days. You will learn tango in a comfortable, relaxed, and open environment and have a lot of fun!

No dance partner or experience needed: just a willingness to try new things. Space is limited. Bootcamps have been wildly popular in the past so be sure to sign up now!

Saturday, September 7th
Location: Sala de Puerto Rico

 Sunday, September 8th
Location: Sala de Puerto Rico
1:30-3:00pm Workshop I 
1:30-3:00pm Workshop III
(snacks and drinks provided)
3:00-3:30pm Break
(snacks and drinks provided)
3:30-5:00pm Workshop II3:30-5:00pm Workshop IV 

5:00-5:30pm Practica
(snacks and drinks provided)

Cost and Registration 

MIT students: $20 per person for the entire weekend

MIT post-docs/staff: $30 per person for the entire weekend

non-MIT Students: $30 per person for the entire weekend

General public: $60 per person for the entire weekend


About Argentine Tango

   Argentine Tango is a partnered social dance. Connection with your partner and movement together to the music is emphasized over flashy moves. The partners dance for each other and not for anyone else: there are no judges watching. Generally, one person in the couple leads (this person is called “the leader”), while the other one (the “follower”) follows. 
   For some more basic information on Argentine Tango, we recommend the Wikipedia entry on Argentine Tango. We also like Clay Nelson's piece on tango competitions. Argentine Tango, as promoted by the MIT Argentine Tango club, is mainly a social dance, with emphasis on leading and following, improvisation, and musicality. To us, a comfortable embrace with your partner and a nice feeling is more important than complicated steps (especially if they do not feel good!).  

About the Instructors 

Eric Lindgren

Eric fell in love with Tango in his first class. One month later he had moved to Buenos Aires to pursue the dance full time. In the decade-plus since he has continued to explore the many unique avenues of style, technique, and self-expression that Argentine Tango offers. 

Eric is a much sought-after instructor, performer, and DJ all over the world, having worked extensively in the US, Europe, and Buenos Aires. He is exceptional both for his endless willingness to re-examine and refine his ideas as well for as for the unusual breadth of his knowledge and experience. 

In classes, Eric focuses on pursuing presence, ease, expression, and pleasure, as the quickest and most rewarding paths to further our understanding of the dance.

Important Info 

Note on Partners
We will be rotating partners often, though you will get to practice with whoever you want, and you will spend a bit more time in class with your partner than with strangers. We think partner rotation is a good idea to help you improve your dance. But if you are uncomfortable changing partners we will understand and let you skip partner changes. However, we really prefer that you DO change partners, since we are all trying to work together to get better.

Replies to Frequently Asked Questions
- No partner is necessary. 
- Wear comfortable clothing. 
- Footwear: wear shoes with leather or suede soles (or skip the shoes and wear fuzzy socks) so you can pivot. Make sure the shoes stay on your feet easily (no mules or slingbacks) so that you can walk backwards. 
Why Do We Sometimes Restrict Registration to MIT Students/Affiliates

We are a volunteer students club, and we are supported only as such. Our primary constituency are MIT students. Without student support we cannot exist. Therefore we need to support student dancers first and foremost.