Anish Mittal


Email: mittal[dot]anish[at]gmail[dot]com

     ABOUT ME [pdf]


I am an Imaging engineer.  I moved here last year to work as a senior researcher at Nokia Research Center with the intent to speed up algorithms on custom processors. Then, I was like lets do some hands on engineering stuff. That was when I joined HERE Reality Capture and Processing team.

I graduated with a PhD degree on April 17 of 2013, which I did under the guidance of a very laid back Professor Al Bovik  in the ECE department at The University of Texas at Austin. When I started I was like I would be super ecstatic when I finish this up but when I was done it felt like the highest degree comes with the least feel of achievement..seems the roses on the way is so understated. 

Before, I spent 4 years in the holy lands of Roorkee, the city in which Great Ganges flow. I  did my Bachelors there in Electrical Tech, the thing I had almost no interest in. The ranking based branch allocation in JEE exam landed me there, wasn't a bad deal though!  The fun part was to hangout with the smart folks the school gets and learn a whole bunch of stuff.

Thanks for my interests in vision and imaging, I could get decent internships in Europe and an opportunity for grad studies in States. Mashah Allah.

I find myself interested in cross-disciplinary engineering problems, for my PhD I picked one of that kind and tried to predict how humans perceive the distortions in images and videos!

I love to explore things that my race has come up with! Would love to see around as much as possible before I finish my days here on the planet. Sports, performing and adventures r close to my heart. If u have similar interests, I am easy to become buddies with..And yeah I love to cook, one way to invite folks and socialize!

If u want to check me out as in see how I look and how the photos I click look, u can go to my Flickr profile. Yes, its with the name BerkStein - Berk to dedicate to the city I love and Stein for my love for rocks,  Stein stands for rock in Norwegian and German. 

Thanks for dropping in. If you wish to contact me, email is the fastest way I think!