Officers & Coaches

MITRC Officers are in charge of running various aspects of the Club. Officers can be reached by email at Please contact us with any questions.


Chris Bandoro
Sunny Kang

Dale Lidston
Briana Pritchett

Team Managers Val Lee
Rebecca Taft

New Member Manager
Bevin Lin
Regatta Managers
Andrew Cunningham
Arzu Sandikci
Lily Smith

Equipment Manager
Joao Ramos

Gear/Order Manager
Larissa Sasgen

Social/Events Manager
Namir Jawdat

Alumni/Outreach ManagerWilliam Doss Suter
Technology Manager

Mohammad Hadhrawi


John Cotter originally hails from Buffalo, New York, but has lived in Boston for almost 20 years. He rowed at (and graduated from) the University of Washington and continues to row competitively as a member of the Narragansett Boat Club, the oldest rowing club in America. John has long been credited as the architect of what is known as the modern stroke*. In his 3rd season at MITRC, he greatly enjoys the rowers, the rowing and being able to be a small part of the MIT experience.

Dale Wickenheiser began rowing as a freshman in high school in Northern Virginia. He and his wife, an ESL teacher, have lived in Boston for 15 years. He enjoys coaching at MITRC in part because he finds the conversations in the boathouse "unique." He is motivated to be a better coach by the high caliber of students he works with. Credited with the creation of the modern rowing stroke, he disputes John's claim but allows him to claim it by proximity.*

Glenn Beauchemin is originally from Rhode Island and moved to the Boston area in the late 70’s where, finally at the age of thirty-seven, he discovered rowing. Within a couple of years, while on the Men’s Comp team at Community Rowing, he began coaching and eventually found his way to the MIT Rowing Club where he has been for the past four years. He especially enjoys the club’s friendly, upbeat attitude as well as the eagerness of the rowers to learn. Glenn is not really familiar with the “modern rowing stroke”, but whatever it is, he’s quite confident that his current stroke is vastly superior.*

* Coaches' biographies are based on information submitted by the coaches. MITRC cannot verify or refute information contained herein.