1. Check your eligibility. Eligibility for MITRC follows the MIT Club Sports eligibility policy. Unfortunately this policy disqualifies Broad, Whitehead and Draper employees. Also, you should know how to swim.
  2. Non-students (eg. postdocs) must also have proof of DAPER membership. MIT students are automatically DAPER members.
  3. Join our mailing list and stay tuned for new seasons. Sign up emails are sent out the month before our seasons start 
      • Spring season: 8 weeks in April-May
      • Summer: 10 weeks spanning mid-June to mid-August
      • Fall: 8 weeks in September-October  
  4. Fill out the official sign-up survey sent through the mailing list.
  5. Attend the mandatory kick-off meeting on the first day of the season
  6. New MITRC members are required to register in the MIT club sports database.
  7. Show up to practice on time. 
  8. Contact us if you have any questions.

Learn-to-Row (LTR) 

No experience is necessary to join the LTR program: we will teach you everything you need to know! Our Learn-to-Row program is lead by experienced coaches and typically enrolls 15-20 beginners per season. LTR typically meets two hours per week.


No rowing or coxing experience is necessary to become an MITRC coxswain. We'll teach you how to do it!  You just need be able to fit into the coxswain's seat, have a positive attitude, and want to become part of a close-knit team. Please contact if you are interested in becoming a coxswain. In recognition of their essential role and commitment, full time coxswains pay no dues.

We are always looking for coxswains!  Coxswains are an integral part of any crew: they are critical to safety on the water, navigating the river, strategically maneuvering the boat during races, and motivating the rowers. Furthermore, the coxswain is the communication link from coach to rowers during practice. It is a challenging but fun task that requires focus, decisiveness and a keen sense of responsibility.  

Competitive & Racing Program

MIT Rowing Club offers opportunities for experienced rowers to train and compete at a high level. Members of the men's and women's comp teams commit to regular training sessions and participate in several regattas throughout the year. In the past year, regattas have included the Head of the Charles, New Hampshire Championships, the Cromwell Cup, the Textile River Regatta in Lowell, the Mayor's Cup in Providence and the Wharton Sprints in Philadelphia, among others. Racing line-ups are made at the discretion of the coaches. 

Recreational Rowing

Rowing is a great way to stay fit, and MITRC members have the opportunity to commit to as many (or as few) practice sessions per week as they like to suit their schedules and fitness goals.

Winter Training

MITRC members keen on practicing during winter can join others for MITRC-organized erging sessions. Join the mailing list to learn more. There are no dues for these sessions.


MITRC currently only offers opportunities for sweep rowing. If you are interested in learning to scull, MIT runs a 4-week learn-to-scull program each summer. If you already know how to scull, you can purchase a sculling card that will give you access to the Pierce Boathouse and single-person recreational shells from April 1 through September 30 during specific hours. See the DAPER website for more information.