Rowing Resources


MITRC practices out of MIT's Pierce Boathouse, Building W8, located on campus at 409 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA 02139.
The "MITRC Drawer" (for waiver submissions, dues, etc) is located on the lower level, near the cox boxes. It is clearly labeled "MITRC."

All new MITRC members are required to sign and submit a MIT Club Sports Waiver by the end of the first week of the season. Please submit the waiver by placing it in the MITRC Drawer. If you have already submitted the waiver in the past, you do not need to resubmit it.

All MITRC members are required to view this informative (and sometimes entertaining) US Rowing safety video.

Before we get on the water, we need to get on the dock, and in order to get on the dock, the dock needs to be prepared. This often involves removing large quantities of goose poop. As guests of the boathouse, we must ensure that we follow the procedural protocols set forth by the management to maintain the tidiness of the boathouse and facilitate the orderly operation of the various groups using it. The Boathouse Protocols Page provides an overview of these procedures, and all MITRC members should familiarize themselves with them early in the season. If you have any questions or if anything is unsure, simply ask a veteran club member. 

The map below (designed by MITRC member Ryan Tam) illustrates the navigation rules for the Charles River and its bridges. All rowers and coxswains should be familiar with the General River Rules and bridge traffic patterns. Note that traffic patterns are subject to change due to bridge construction and other circumstances. Be alert at all times. This map is also available as a PDF.

MIT's Pierce Boathouse is located on the Charles River Basin, the widest and busiest portion of the river. The map below (also designed by MITRC member Ryan Tam) shows traffic patterns in the Basin and landmarks of the 2K course. Note that in some instances traffic patters in the Basin differ from the General River Rules (e.g. MIT launching lane, Union Lane). All rowers and coxswains should be familiar with the traffic patterns in the Basin. This map is also available as a PDF.
Coxing is an essential component of rowing. For some coxing is a passion. For others coxing helps refine skills and ultimately become a better rower. The MITRC Coxswain Guide provides an introduction to the fundamentals of coxing on the Charles River. All MITRC members should become familiar with this material in the event that they are called upon to cox.

Audio, video and notes from MITRC's Spring Season Coxing Clinic is available on the Coxing Clinic page.