Mitre Coffin

Mitre Coffins

Mitre Coffins are made from timbers that would otherwise be wasted. They are approved for use at Humber Woodland of Remembrance and the Hay Meadow Burial sites, providing a bespoke alternative to other natural products. The timbers used are all indigenous species such as alder, sycamore, oak, ash, etc and are sourced from local sawmills thus improving their environmental credentials.

Mitre Coffin

Each of the coffins is hand made using traditional methods. Simple glues and old fashioned nails are used wherever possible. The handles are made from short lengths of sisal rope, another environmentally friendly product. Although the coffins can be stained and polished our clients are encouraged to use them with a natural finish thus maintaining their simplistic style and reducing any further impact upon the environment. 

Peter Bishop, proprietor of Mitre Coffins.

If you would like to know more about how they are made and their availability, then please email Peter. Private and trade enquiries welcome.