2017 Spring Calss

MIT Korean Language Class

        MIT Korean Class is voluntarily run by Koreans mainly from MIT community with the support of MIT KGSA.
        We welcome everyone who wishes to learn Korean and experience the Korean culture.
        It's free and open to everyone on this planet! No registration is required.

        We thank Prof. Lim in EECS, MIT for his kind support with the purchase of reference books.

  • When: 7-8:30pm Every Wednesday, First class: TBA, Last class: TBA
  • Where: 
    • Elementary: TBA
    • Intermediate: TBA
Classes (1.5-hour lecture)

    1. Elementary

    - For those who can read Hangul but have difficulties in understanding sentences in Korean
    Taught in English
    - At the end of the semester, students will be able to speak, write, read and comprehend simple sentences in Korean.
    - Before lectures, students are expected to read the materials written in English or watch short youtube videos that will explain topics.
    - During lectures, students will practice forming sentences in Korean.
    - Syllabus 
    - Students may find the following YouTube videos helpful for learning Hangul prior to the classes:


    2. Intermediate

    - For those who can read Hangul and understand 40%-60% of conversation and readings in a casual context
    - For those who can engage in a simple conversation in Korean
    - Taught in both Korean and English

    - Before lectures, students are expected to read the materials in Korean that will be given.

    - During lectures, students will comprehend the materials in Korean and discuss in simple Korean and English.

    - Students are encouraged to ask questions in Korean, but asking complex ideas in English is still good. 

    - Instructors will try to use simple Korean expressions and will repeat in English to help students better.

Class Materials

    1. Elementary

    2. Intermediate

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Contact us

          korean_class_teachers AT mit DOT edu