2015 Spring Class

MIT Korean Language Class

        MIT Korean Class is voluntarily run by Koreans mainly from MIT community with the support of MIT KGSA.
        We welcome everyone who wishes to learn Korean and experience the Korean culture.
        It's free and open to everyone on this planet! No registration is required.

        We thank Prof. Lim in EECS, MIT for his kind support with the purchase of reference books.

Mailing List

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        If you have any inquiry regarding the class, please send an email to korean_class_teachers@mit.edu  (korean_class_teachers AT mit DOT edu)

  • When: 7pm-8:30pm Every Wednesday, First class:  Mar 11, Last class:  May 13
  • Where: 
    • Beginner: 56-154
    • Elementary: 56-162
    • Intermediate: 56-180

Classes (1 hour lecture + 30 min. recitation)
No pre-registration is required. You can just show up in the class anytime!

    1. Beginner

    - For those who are learning Korean for the first time.
    - No prior knowledge of Korean is required at all.
    - Normally spends first 4 weeks learning Korean Alphabet (Hangul) and then 3-4 weeks forming basic expressions.

    - Taught in English.


    2. Elementary

    - For those who know Korean Alphabet (Hangul) to a degree but have difficulties in reading and understanding Korean.
    - For those who have taken Beginner class before (1-2 times) or are familiar with the material covered in Beginner class.

- Prior knowledge of a few basic expressions is assumed.

    - Taught in English.

    3. Intermediate

    - For those who can read Hangul and understand 60%-80% of what's written.
    - For those who can engage in a simple conversation in Korean.

    - During lectures, students will read and understand a dialog in Korean. Recitations focus mostly on speaking skills. 

    - Taught mostly in Korean. Instructors will mainly use Korean during the class and speak in English when necessary.



Contact us

          korean_class_teachers AT mit DOT edu

한국어 교실 선생님 모집 공고 

         MIT 한국어 교실에서 함께 선생님으로 참여하실 분들을 찾고 있습니다.
         학부생, 대학원생, 박사후연구원, 배우자분들, 보스톤에 거주하고 계신 분들 모두 환영합니다.
         관심있으신 분은 korean_class_teachers@mit.edu 로 메일주시면 감사하겠습니다.

Class Material 

Beginner class

   Instructors: Geehoon Park (head), Sohae Kim, Hyangsoo Jung, Heesoo Jung, Minnie Kim, Miyoung Chung

Elementary class

   Instructors: Akio Kawasaki (head), Ahhyun Nam, Changrak Choi, Nabin Kim, Young Ju Kim, Sung H Kim

   Spring 2015 Elementary Syllabus                  

Intermediate class

   Instructors: Junghee Park*, Misun Han, Hye-Roun Kim, Seo Young Jung, Hazel

    Week1: Lecture
    Week2: Lecture - Personality
    Week3: Lecture - Date and marriage

* Program organizer