Welcome to my homepage. I am Mithun Biswas, currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Gerhard Stock's group in University of Freiburg.

I am interested in studying biomolecular systems using theoretical and computational methods with a focus on the structure and dynamics of nucleic acid-ligand complexes. My present and past research works broadly cover the following topics :
  • Langevin modeling of biomolecular dynamics
  • DNA-ligand and DNA-protein interactions
  • understanding DNA flexibility with polymer models
A brief overview of my work on each of the above topics is given in the Research section. For more details please refer to my publications or contact me.

Current position:

Postdoc (July, '15 - )
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stock
Biomolecular Dynamics Group (web)
Physics Institute
University of Freiburg

Previous positions:

Postdoc (March, '12 - June, '15)
Prof. Irene Burghardt
Theoretical Chemistry of Complex Systems (web)
J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/ Main

Ph.D (August, '06 - January '12)
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Thesis supervisor:
Prof. Jeremy C Smith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA (web)

Past Collaborators:

Prof. Dimitra Markovitsi
Laboratoire Francis Perrin, France (web)

Prof. Alex Heckel
Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt (web)

Prof. Jörg Langowski
German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg (web)

Prof. Tom Bishop
Louisiana Tech University, USA (web)