Striving to breed healthy, good tempered
Bedlington Terriers
that conform to the Breed Standard

Photo kindly taken by Emma Sparkes
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We are Based in the Midlands

01788 860833 - 07813 450575

Yvonne is no longer a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme
I have never thought the scheme to be as good as it should have been, but hoped it would improve. With the recent changes, rather than improving the scheme I feel it is more aimed at helping breeders who breed a large number of litters including puppy farmers, rather than the smaller breeders, like myself who only breed when they are wanting a pup to keep.
The health requirements still fall far too short of what is needed to ensure the breeding of healthy puppies.
I still fulfill all requirements of the scheme, but I do much much more!

Roger is a Veterinary Surgeon in small animal practice. 
He has helped extensively with the current research into CT in Bedlingtons.

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