Mitchell J. Lovett

Associate Professor of Marketing
Simon Business School

Contact Information
Mitchell J. Lovett
Simon School of Business
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
Phone: (585) 276-4020
Fax: (585) 273-1140


My research applies and develops quantitative methods including structural econometrics and Bayesian methods to study marketing problems. My primary interests are in advertising, branding, consumer learning, and targeting, with a particular interest in models about entertainment brands and research at the intersection of politics and marketing. 

Papers Published/Forthcoming/Conditionally Accepted 

Lovett, M. J., M. Peress (2015), "Targeting Political Advertising on Television," Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 10(3), 391-432 (

Lovett, M. J., R. Peres, and R. Shachar (2014), "A Dataset of Brands and Their Characteristics", Marketing Science, 33(4), 609-617

    Lead Article and selected as candidate for JMR press campaign.
    A fun video to communicate the ideas simply: YouTubeVideo

Lovett, M. and J. MacDonald (2005), "How Does Financial Performance Affect Marketing? Studying the Marketing-Finance Relationship From a Dynamic Perspective," The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 33(4), 476-485.

Papers Under Review/Working Papers/Current Research Projects

"Private Labels and Retailer Profitability: Bilateral Bargaining in the Grocery Chain" (with Pianpian Kong and Paul Ellickson)

"Social Media Sentiment and Political Marketing" (with Paulo Albuquerque, Michael Peress, and Javier Vidal-Berastain) (Marketing Science Slides)

"The Effect of Location and Assortment on Category Consideration, Learning, and Choice" (with Paul Ellickson and Bhoomija Ranjan, who is the lead author)

"Putting the Horses Before the Cart: Harnessing the Power of Partner Brands" (with Paul Ellickson and Pianpian Kong, who is the lead author)

"Private Brand Launches with New Attributes: A Conjoint-Shopper Panel Technique for Estimating Demand" (with Bhoomija Ranjan and Paul Ellickson)

“Differential Effects of Social Media on Regular and Infrequent Viewers of Television” (with Renana Peres)

"SKUs Can Inform and Persuade Consumers in a Growing Experience Good Category" (with Bhoomija Ranjan)

"Optimal Targeting of Advertisements on Television" (with Michael Peress)

Marketing Research - Simon Executive MBA/MBA/MS in Marketing
Advertising and Sales Promotion - Simon MBA/MS in Marketing
Consumer Behavior - Simon MBA/MS in Marketing
Marketing Management - Duke Undergraduate
Intro to Marketing - Boise State University Undergraduate course